Report finds sport & active recreation sector delivering $9.2B value & 71,000 full-time jobs in Vic

Posted: 11th Feb

Victoria’s community sport and active recreation sector is delivering exponential economic, health and social benefits, a new report has revealed.

The Value of Community Sport and Active Recreation Infrastructure, a new KPMG report commissioned by Sport and Recreation Victoria, shows that the sector delivers economic benefits to the value of $7.04 billion annually.

The report is the first ever comprehensive investigation into the economic, health and social impacts of community sport and active recreation infrastructure in the state.

Sport is an integral part of Victorian communities, contributing $9.2 billion to the Victoria economy and supporting more than 71,000 equivalent full-time jobs.

By providing the perfect setting for communities to come together, connect, volunteer and learn, the report highlights the $2.6 billion in social benefits community sport and active recreation infrastructure delivers to the state.

There are also the health benefits supported by community sport and active recreation infrastructure which include improved mental health and well-being, reduced risk of chronic illness, increased productivity is estimated at $2.3 billion.

Economic benefits through construction and on-going employment include more than 13,000 full-time equivalent positions sustained through the delivery of sport and active recreation at facilities - injecting $2.1 billion into communities.

The Victorian Government has invested over $1 billion in community sport and recreation infrastructure since 2014.

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